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We, SOLENZARA, are a company deeply committed to the quality of European-produced furniture and particularly the traditional craftsmanship in the Walachia region of Romania. Nowadays, more than ever, it is a precious and rare element of furniture production to have such experienced craftsmen in Europe who can still produce at competitive prices combining their abilities with modern manufacturing technology and machines.

As a manufacturer based in Romania, we have short distances to the most important raw materials for furniture. In order to ensure Due Dilligence, the timber is tracked by the Romanian authorities, through the National tracking system, from the place the trees are cut until they are entering our warehouse. Our materials and finishes are environmentally and health-friendly. We work every day for implementing a sustainable environment for Romania and for Europe.

We invite you to accompany us on this endeavour to offer our client good quality products with great designs and competitive prices, as well as a large flexibility to work on special projects and with our Clients’ Own Designs and Materials.

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